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Setting up an office with furniture, equipment and staff can be costly as well as time consuming. Clients often prefer to start with a low investment and keep a high degree of flexibility with regard to their choice of legal structure in the market.

Local representation with Mondia offers clients the possibility to enter the market while still keeping their options open.

By hiring employees with a legal UAE working permit, based in Dubai, clients avoid the major upfront investments required when moving business to the region while benefiting from all the advantages of being present in the Middle East.

  • Mondia can help in the recruitment of staff and handle all human resource requirements (such as supervision or payroll), provide a workstation and office infrastructure as well as introduce client employees to Mondia’s extensive network of contacts.
  • For all intent and purposes, clients will be viewed as an international company with an office in Dubai. Their staff can take advantage of our constantly updated project database while enjoying Mondia’s corporate benefits.
  • Mondia’s reputation and representative environment will impress clients and underline their serious intention of doing business in the region.
  • Clients can build up their company at their own pace and transfer more employees after having successfully established a presence in Dubai.
  • Clearly all staff are exclusive to clients and not the employees of Mondia.

Mondia provides:

  • Business round tables for the exchange of experience with other companies established in Dubai.
  • A monthly networking day to introduce clients to people who may be of value to their business.
  • Credibility checks that allow clients to examine the background and reputation of potential business partners.
  • Half-yearly reports on the industries of ICT, construction, health and media.
  • Continuously updated databases featuring the latest news on major projects in the region.
  • Constant market assessment to inform clients of potential opportunities.
  • Office space in a highly sought-after location.
  • Secretarial support.
  • Access to Mondia’s extensive contact database.
  • Staff support (in cooperation with specialists).
  • Cultural acceptance coaching to ease employees through awkward moments and give them confidence.
  • Staff management and monthly reports on employee progress.
  • Accommodation sourcing.
  • Promote a client’s business at all appropriate high-ranking opportunities.