About Us

Mondia was formed by a group of talented entrepreneurs with substantial knowledge of the middle east that regrouped their existing business in a new company. Their mission is to create a commercial bridge between the European industry and commerce and the burgeoning territories of the Arabian Peninsula. Since its formation, Mondia has, through its considerable network oh high level contacts and innate understanding of business in the region, created a substantial success for its European partner companies.

Directors :

Amadeo is a shareholder and Chief Executive Officer at Mondia. He is a highly acclaimed, experienced and successful entrepreneur, based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. He has led several multimillion-dollar large-scale projects in cooperation with various internationally renowned companies in multiple sectors across Europe, Middle East & Africa. Leveraging this extensive global network, he continuously seeks opportunities to drive Mondia’s business forward.

As the Chief Executive Officer for Mondia Pay, Simon is responsible for the overall growth and leading the strategy of digital payments for the group. He is also involved in development of new partnerships, customers and revenue streams.​ Over the years, Simon has set up several subsidiary companies such as Getmo Arabia, Qadrem Middle East, Mondia Design Group where he provides senior support and strategic direction.